Today we are going to focus on a white wine grape that is a favorite for many wine lovers; Chardonnay. The crispness, freshness and the versatility make this a grape to remember.

However, some people do not like Chardonnay simply because they tasted a bad one. This is like saying you hate chicken because you had badly cooked chicken. The thing is, there are some phenomenal Chardonnays out there and you just have to try them out.

In order to understand this grape better, we have to start from the farm. This is a green-skinned grape and it came from eastern France around the Burgundy region. It was (and sometimes is) called White Burgundy grape.  Years later, it spread to the champagne region but it tasted different than that of the Burgundy region. It is safe to say that no two places can produce the same Chardonnay because of the difference in soil, terroir, and climate.


Here are some of the things that you should know about Chardonnay

It is the most Popular Grape of all the White Wine Grape.

Today, it is grown in most of the wine producing regions of the world. When you travel to most vineyards in the world, you are sure to find a tract of land dedicated to this grape variety. It is also the most planted wine grape in the world.

It is Very Versatile

It can be made in many styles ranging from simple to exquisite and it can be aged or drank immediately. However, not all Chardonnay can be aged the same way and it depends on where it was grown, flavor profile and the winemaking process.

The Influence of Cool and Warm Climates

One interesting about this grape is that when it’s grown in warmer climates, it has tropical flavours that are ripe and full. In cooler climates, the wine tastes crisp and has flavours of green apples and even earthy tones.

When to Drink Chardonnay

Because Chardonnay is so versatile, it can be made in many ways and it can be drank on different occasions; from dinner with family and friends to a picnic or a nice day out. However, it all depends on the flavour profile of the wine. It should always be chilled and served in a white wine glass to enjoy it in its glory.

A Little Oak is Good

We often have some Chardonnays being oaked and a little is good because it creates texture in the mouth. It also sometimes gives a toasty or buttery taste. However, if you do not like the flavour of butter or vanilla in your Chardonnay, make sure you buy an unoaked Chardonnay. However, many winemakers steer away from too much oak because it can overpower the wine.

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